Premium Chocolate App

Premium Chocolate App

E-Commerce App Development – Changing the way orders are placed and tracked on the App

The Background

Every Idea comes with a well thought process. Our client wanted his customers to order through the convenience of their App and not only they can place directly with his reps but also see the delivery of their products being carried by the designated route. Also the client wanted the customers in the area to be notified prior in their App so they can preorder.

The Challenges

The team faced the challenge of customer notifications. We did not wanted to notify for instance clients in Geelong when the delivery was going to Ballarat. The team came with the solution of notifying the cutomers based on the postcodes.

The Solution

Go App developed client side App for customers to place the order and Driver App for the Reps(Driver) to recieve the order and deliver the products. Also the client has a customised admin section to designate a raute to the Driver, once the client designates the driver gets the notification of the route and also the customers in that vicinity of the route gets the notification.
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