Whats Under My Feet App

Whats Under My Feet App
Whats Under My Feet App

Advanced App Development – Ever Imagined whats Under your feet … on the other side of the Globe

The Background

Our Client started with his idea to have an App which will take you exactly to the other side of the Globe. He starts with a big company in Melbourne but after few months this company was not able to deliver the IOS Application he commissioned. Once when talking about his project we took the challenge and not only gave him a refined working App in IOS but also in Andriod.

The Challenges

The major challenge the Go App team was optimising the Google Maps and Apple Maps. One Maps had some better functions on other while it lacked on other functions. The developers had to find an optimum solution to balance and work out a solution.

The Solution

Some hard work and thinking outside the box resulted in a world class App for users wondering about what’s on the other side of the world. The App animated against the backdrop of the illuminating universe and zooms you at your present location. You can zoom-in and zoom out as much as you like. Once you click on the ‘whats under my feet’ icon, it takes you to the other side of the globe. This also has a function of adding client Banner for advertisements, sponsorships.

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