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Whats Under My Feet App

The Background

Our Client came up with a unique app idea. He wanted to build an App which will take you exactly to the other side of the globe. He initially approached a big company in Melbourne but after few months he realised this company was unable to deliver the iOS Application he had assigned. Find out how helped brought his app idea to life.

The Challenges

After understanding the client’s requirement and having a detailed discussion between our technical team, we figured that the concept is not that complicated. We hit a roadblock when we realised that mobile phones don’t identify the three quadrants; they only identify latitude and longitude on the map.

The Solution

After a lot of hard work and thought process, we converted latitude and longitude into Globe’s X Y Z quadrants. Finally all our efforts paid off and we created a world class App not only for iOS but also for Android. The app helps users explore other side of the world. Once you open the app and tap the ‘What’s under my feet’ button, the app tracks your current GPS location, and zooms in and around the other side to reveal what exactly is under your feet on the other side of the world. You can then move around the globe to find out what is opposite to other places. The app has many more interesting features. Check it out.
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